My commitment is to serve my higher purpose by helping others. I believe we are all interconnected and that we are truly in this together. So, my friends “Salute” to living with more joy, peace, and love (JoyPal). I am so joyful you are here!


This blog is dedicated to sharing and encouraging anything that inspires joy, peace, or love (JoyPal) in your life. Together we can shine more brightly by recognizing and encouraging the abundance of goodness.

Recipes Made With Love

Meals evoke emotions and allow you to recall the beautiful memories of who you shared the food with. Recipes bring everyone together, creates memories and lasting conversations.

My Mom

My mom blessed me with her presence and lessons that I still carry in my heart. I love to recall all the beauty she shared and reminisce about all of our loving and joyful memories. She ignited my love for books and writing.