Living with Joy, Peace, and Love.

Ripple of LOVE

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My heart has felt broken and aches for the situation in our beautiful Twin Cities. Serendipitously, I turned on the radio and one of my FAVORITE songs stopped me in my sadness. John Lennon’s song, “Imagine,” played. The timeless message serenaded my heart. I took in every verse. “Imagine all the people living life in peace.” 

Our imaginations, focus and intentions create our beliefs that play out our reality. Choosing to hold a focus of higher energies (joy, peace, love, and harmony) ripple out and the transmission is felt by others. LOVE is the most powerful energy. Love transforms. Love heals.

Feeling other “emotions” is not bad. Congratulate yourself when you feel another emotion that isn’t Love or above. Awareness is key. Allow any emotion that is not serving you to be acknowledged and released in your highest and best way. 

Everyone has their own unique way of releasing what no longer serves. My Toddler screams and throws himself on the ground. Though, I do not recommend this release. It works for my Toddler. Some may need to get out in nature to reconnect, move their bodies, write, draw, meditate, pray, practice yoga, deep breathing etc.

Then hold an intention and vision of LOVE. Watch your ripple of love spread. It begins with loving yourself and ripples to your family, friends, and world. I envision in my lifetime witnessing “All the people living life in peace.”

What will you choose to ripple? Share with me your ripple intentions and connect with me so we can spread even a bigger ripple of LOVE. 

With extra LOVE,

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