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Follow Your Joy

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Joy is a magnetic force and intoxicatingly addictive. Champagne bubbles of joy make life fun and lighter. Joy puts a big smile on your face and welcomes laughter. Streams of joy make life worth living during times of denser energy. Joy oh joy.

I needed extra JOY this week. I personally tapped into my fear of the unknown of what this upcoming school year will present. I consider myself a glass (or world) half full kind of woman. This fear of uncharted territory lead my heart to grieve my Kindergartener experiencing his first day of school and how my mind pictured this special day to be as I kissed both my Elementary school age children and awaited the sweet and exciting stories of their “first” day.

Though this year may not be exactly what I had envisioned, I know I need to ensure I continue to follow my joy and stay present. This will allow me to be the best version of me and stay flexible to what life has in store. 

Have you ever watched a young toddler explore a mud puddle and jump with the most jubilant excitement as he enjoys the simple pleasure of a puddle? Free to be exactly present in the moment following his joy. 

Whatever brings you joy is a sign from your divine self to continue that activity. Perhaps it’s dancing, fishing, hiking, painting, reading, writing, cross word puzzles, cooking, or photography. Whatever your joy may be and the list is endless, take time every day to do what brings you joy. 

Follow your joy like a toddler jumping in a mud puddle. Please share with me what brings you joy.

With extra JOY,

A couple resources:
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3 thoughts on “Follow Your Joy

  1. I experienced JOY this past Sunday evening as my daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters played in the lake together. It was a perfect summer day and by evening the lake was totally calm and the sun was casting shadows of pink and violet on the water as it set. We swam to the raft, played follow the leader jumping off over and over again, and we laughed and giggled with the loons. We felt God’s presence and we didn’t want the moment to end.

  2. Joy to me is waking up and really seeing God’s magnificent, incredible sunrises and in the evening the incredible sunsets, reminding me of God’s ever present in our lives!

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