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Power to Choose LOVE

Cloud heart in the sky in the clouds and sunshine

Every unique person comes from the same beautiful source of love. We all have the choice to choose to embrace and radiate the energy of love or fear in every moment.

One of our favorite book series is “What Should Darla (or Danny) Do?” It is all about the power to choose. Various scenes are depicted and the reader chooses the storyline. Our children love these interactive books. Their choices shape Darla’s (or Danny’s) day and demonstrate the “power to choose.”

A simple yet impactful lesson. Our life experiences whether labeled “good” or “bad” are gifts to help our heart expand love. During this time, we can all help by using our power to choose LOVE. Love is so powerful. Extend and radiate love in everything you do. If fear arises, treat the fear as you would a small child. Recognize this fear is only an indication of what needs more love.

Are you using your power to choose in a way that spreads love? How can you radiate love to yourself, your family, neighbors, community and this world? Please share with me and together we will choose LOVE over fear.

With lots of LOVE,

Extra love:

-Quick Unconditional LOVE Meditation

-20 simple ways to radiate love

-And why not have a dance party to the “Love Train”? 

-“Love is patient love is kind”

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One thought on “Power to Choose LOVE

  1. All actions we take can be summed up by two motivations-fear or love. Fear is an opportunity to go inward and ask ourselves what is driving it. Love is always the antidote. Sometimes it starts with loving ourselves so we are capable of living others. 💗

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