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The Power of Positive Intentions

Blue Moon 10.21.0

The recent blue moon energies opened up powerful energy shifts. The moon radiated beauty and invites us all to open up to creating our desires.

A powerful practice that is important now and always is to set positive intentions. Visualize your day ahead and future unfolding perfectly and in the absolute best way allowing the highest light to guide you. Affirm what is currently going great in your life with gratitude. This increases your ability to attract your desires. Creating space to discern what will be best for you in your day and future allows the best to transpire easily and joyfully.

Take time every day to put down technology and all the “noise”. You are in the driver seat and get to choose what you tune into for your day. Similar to radio waves that we can not see unless we choose to tune into. Call in and ask for your angels, God, and the Universe to help you create exactly what you wish. They will respond to your call and never interfere with free will.

What does your perfect day look like? What positive intention, affirmation, mantra will most serve you in this moment? How do you show up in your life for yourself and others? Do you have a daily practice of asking for guidance and help from your team of angels, God and the Universe? If not, if it feels right studies show that even 3 minutes of going inward with a discerning heart can change your brain waves to be more peaceful.

I am so excited for you to have the highest, best, most wonderful day and life. Heaven can occur here on Earth as more of us believe in the unlimited goodness that exists all around us. Please know I would be happy to gently help you today and always.

As always I send so much LOVE,

Extra loving resources:

Affirmations (I write them out and place them on my bathroom mirror.)

Andy Grammer’s song “Good To Be Alive” is sure to get your day off right with a little happy dance!

Blue Moon Information

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