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Happy Winter Solstice


The Winter Solstice marks the shortest amount of light in a day in the Northern Hemisphere and begins the first official day of Winter.  Light will increase day by day.   During this transformative time, anchoring in your own internal light helps you shine brightly and create your desires.

Simple techniques can help create a more calm, light filled, peaceful state of being. We are all composed of energy. Our energetic field is a magnet for attracting people, events, and circumstances. It creates our current emotional, mental, and spiritual state of being. Choose to focus on the good and what is working in your life.

Practice gratitude and thankfulness. This practice increases your energetic vibration and lifts your heart. This video moves my heart no matter how many times I watch it. Perhaps a gratitude journal or even simply stating “Today I AM full of gratitude. A state of gratitude is increasing in my life.”

Maybe beginning or continuing  a daily practice of intentional prayer and a meditation practice is calling your heart.  I am always amazed that even a short period of this practice has lasting effects.  This article outlines all the goodness. Surround yourself, your home, neighborhood, family, friends, neighbors and world with golden LIGHT and a positive vision.  Ask for the highest light to guide your heart and life. Invite the beings of light, angels, God (whatever feels right in your heart) into your heart and home. Ask for their help with whatever you desire. They always respond to your request.

Get outside and move your body.  This article highlights all the benefits.  Being outdoors naturally increases your vibration and helps bring you into a balanced and calm state of being. Whatever brings you joy and feels the best to do is exactly what your body desires.  Perhaps a quick walk, or run, a little Yoga, or dancing. 

Drink lots of water. Even ask for this fresh glass of water to bring you into perfect balance and alignment with your highest good. This study fascinates me and shows the power of our prayers, intentions and how they affect crystal molecules in water. 

Turn OFF the news and just unplug from technology. Turn it off completely or have a limit.

What do you wish to usher into your life this Winter Solstice?  Are there any ways you can be more compassionate and loving to yourself and others in the simplest of ways?  Perhaps one of these techniques will be of service to increase you own internal light. 

My wish for you is that the highest most beautiful light guides your heart and life.  May the Winter Solstice be one of great internal beauty. 

With extra LIGHT and LOVE,


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