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Welcome 2021! Happy New Year!


Happy New Year wishes and a warm welcome to 2021!  For many this new year welcomes new opportunities, resolutions, wishes, and goals.  A blank canvas awaits as you embrace all your gained wisdom from the previous year. 

Though 2020 provided challenges for some, the silver linings and blessings have been felt by many.  What do you wish to carry over as you enter into a new year?  Recall all the gifts, growth, and strength you gained amidst this transformative year.  Take a moment to congratulate yourself.  You stepped up in big and brave ways.  Are there any areas you wish to release?  Are there specific goals and resolutions that are calling your heart? 

Whatever your wishes may be, remember that you have a unique purpose and contribution to make to this world.  As Mahatma Gandhi stated, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Be the example of exactly what you wish our children, grandchildren, and future generations get to experience.  It really is this simple. 

Be the love.  Be the peace.  Be the joy.  Be your dreams and wishes.  Be your perfect self.  Be all that you are so uniquely capable of doing.  Create this first within and then it will out pour like a flowing waterfall and ripple out in beautiful ways. 

May 2021 bring forward every wish, dream, and deepest desire.  I wish you a New Year with extra joy, peace, and so much love.

Joyful cheers,


Some extra resources that moved my heart and perhaps yours too:

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