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Three Deep Breaths


Dear ones,

Recently, during a coffee date with my beautiful and loving aunts, they shared wisdom my joyful grandmother shared. If they were ever upset my Grandma would say, “Oh honey, go outside. Take 3 deep breaths. Then look all around.” 

What a wise woman with simple and timeless advice. My grandma was known for her joy filled presence, physical beauty, and loving spirit. She had high cheek bones and an uplifting smile. You could feel her heart smiling and radiating joy. She had hardships yet continued to beam with delight.

What if more of us (myself included) took her wise advice to get outside, take 3 deep breaths and look around? What wisdom have you learned from your elders? How can we allow our life to be infused with even more joy, peace, and love today?

With loving wishes,

Some extra love:

♥️Benefits of breathwork  

♥️Benefits of getting outside

♥️Look all around at the magic.

♥️Positive affirmations from one of my wise and beautiful friends.

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2 thoughts on “Three Deep Breaths

  1. This is so beautiful thanks for capturing the essence of Evelyn (mom) she was such a bright light always looking at the positive things in life as you captured. Thanks 🙏💜

  2. Oh my sweet, dear, kind, loving niece, you are so like your grandma. You radiant love and kindness. You are a ray of sunshine. I am so blessed to call you niece! Much love, Auntie Roberta

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