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“All You Need is Love”


Dear ones,
I vividly recall my innocent children’s concerns that their “Amma” forgot to take her green Prius with her to heaven. My mom had just recently transitioned to heaven and my heart was shattered.

I dug deep into my heart, Faith, and gathered my strength to answer this question. I shared that we get to take all the love and light we gain here on Earth when we go to heaven. But our cars and material items stay here. I recalled many sweet examples of times they showed their beloved “Amma” love and provided examples of their loving exchanges.

I think about this moment often and it reminds me of what is truly most important. Every time we expand love, give love, radiate love, share love in all its forms is one of the biggest reasons for being here in our Earth school. We get presented with various circumstances, events, and people. Through our intention and awareness, we can choose love in every moment even in the most difficult situations. The Beatles so famously sung, “All You Need is Love.”

How can you radiate even more love today? If you knew you had a limited time left on this Earth, who would you need to tell “I love you” to? What if in every moment today, you intend to chose love? 

May you always feel so incredibly loved. We come from love, return to love, and love always exists.

With so much love,

Extra loving resources:

♥️Beatles song “All You Need is Love” 

♥️George Straight song “You’ll Be There” 

♥️Radiating Unconditional Love mediation 

♥️One of my favorite verses from the Bible (Corinthians 13:4-8)

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