Living with Joy, Peace, and Love.



The first blooms of colorful rainbow tulips and fresh green grass are joyful signs of Spring unfolding. The rebirth felt through the new creations and the miraculous beauty brings joy to many. Nature intrinsically works together with ease and sprouts seeds that have been dormant in the Winter months.

The atmosphere, water, and sunlight all work together to produce fresh new growth. Nature is connected together in perfect unison.

Much like nature, we are also all connected in divine ways. Ubuntu is the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all. Characteristics include deep kindness, empathy, vulnerability, and friendliness. We have the choice to tap into this beautiful connection to radiate and spread beauty and goodness.

What are ways your life is already working? Begin first by recognizing the beauty in the simplest of ways and by doing so, it will expand and grow. When you focus on the good more will come. What if we saw the goodness in each other and chose to see the connectedness through the eyes of love in each moment? What new seeds have you planted within that will sprout and grow?

As you embrace the beauty of Spring, be reminded that you too have much beauty to share. Cheers to Spring and being Ubuntu ambassadors in our homes, community, and world.

With joy, peace and love,

Some extra love:
– Ann Albers inspiring messages of hope. 
– Embrace the new article.
– Dance or sing to “Follow Your Arrow” by Kasey Musgraves. 

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