Hello beautifuls and thank you for visiting. I AM Nicolette Gropel. I welcome you with a stream of gratitude and love.  This is JoyPal – living with joy, peace, and love.

I AM a nature lover, joy seeker, inspiration addict, book worm, mama to 3 young angels, wife to my soul mate, and seeking to help elevate others shine their inner light more brightly. I am called to share my learnings and gifts to help others gain more JoyPal (joy, peace, and love).

This may sound like a bunch of sunshine and rainbow talk (though I do LOVE both!). However, I have faced true struggles among them miscarriages, infertility, witnessing my sister heal with grace after a brutal attack (She is my heroine. Her maiden initials JPAL.), and losing my amazing mom at a young age to name a few.

 I recognize these “struggles” have shaped my life and allowed me to grow in my Earthly journey and to be able to share my learnings. However, I affirm and believe in growth through JoyPal. I have always had a gift of seeing other’s goodness easily and intuitively connect with the light to hold space for healing and shining your inner light brightly. I love anything that inspires positivity.

My commitment is to serve my higher purpose by helping others. I believe we are all interconnected and that we are truly in this together. So, my friends “Salute” to living with more joy, peace, and love (JoyPal). I am so joyful you are here!